Show Godzilla Who’s Boss Without Matthew Broderick’s Help In New FPS Mobile Game, Godzilla: Strike Zone

Posted on May 6 2014 - 2:43pm by Sean Cravener

Godzilla Strike Zone download

After stumbling upon this release in the Touch Arcade Forums I was rather shocked with how fun it is, since most movie game releases tend to have some heavy hitting IAP walls or something along those lines to milk as much money as possible from some poor innocent chumps.

Godzilla: Strike Zone puts you in the shoes of a soldier and, along with the rest of your squadron, you will be sky jumping down into the Godzilla filled city of San Francisco where you will be tasked with rescuing survivors.

The game is a basic first-person shooter where most of the time you will be just running around and don’t get too excited thinking you get to take down Godzilla with an automatic rifle because mostly all of the shooting will be towards debris.

The game is rather short but definitely packs a punch and gets you excited for the movie even though this said movie does not include the acting god that is Matthew Broderick. Godzilla: Strike Zone can be picked up in the App Store and Google Play Store now for free!

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