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Posted on Mar 17 2015 - 1:33pm by MobileGamePlace

Slingshot Braves is a free to play mobile RPG game for iOS and Android, and it is built around the idea of social gaming. This is emphasized by many different game mechanics such as friends automatically sending rewards to one another and greater rewards for Co-Op battles. Gameplay-wise this game is a mix between the usual Japanese mobile RPGs such as Terra Battle or Brave Frontier and Angry Birds. You collect various heroes, fight battles with them, collect equipment and upgrade them, and so on. And on the battlefield, you put them into play by flinging them from the edge of the screen, like in Angry Birds! Here are some tips and tricks to help you in Slingshot Braves.

1. Team up with others!

As Slingshot Braves focuses heavily on co-op and social play, find as many players as possible and add each other to friends! This ensures that all of you have a steady inflow of materials, items, even some free Gems (premium currency)!

Also, whenever new events pop up, be sure to play these in Co-Op mode with someone else; in this case both of you earn greater rewards!

Also, be sure to pay attention to the Achievements panel, and go for them, as they grant you easy free gems and other rewards. Keep in mind however, that most of these are one-time rewards per account.

2. Keep combos going!

Keep the combos going by bouncing off your teammate’s characters, continuing their combo this way. Even if you don’t manage to hit any enemies, the combo still goes on, with the chance of your teammate regaining it by re-bouncing off you.

3. Obtain and upgrade equipment!

There are two methods for getting new items: through the randomized Gacha shop for 5 gems per roll, or by replaying old missions. Sometimes replaying is the better option if you are short on Gems or you didn’t get what you wanted from the Gacha.

Unneeded equipment can be dismantled for their various parts, which you can then use to upgrade your other, actually needed items.


Keep upgrading your equipment as you progress through the game. Every equipment piece is made of some kind of material; use the same one to upgrade them, and once a piece of equipment has reached maximum level, you can usually evolve them into a new and more powerful piece.

The newly evolved item will be weaker at first than the fully upgraded previous one, so upgrade it as soon as possible, put at least one upgrade into it to make it much more powerful.

4. Don’t let your characters fall in battle!

During a battle, characters put into the Reserve regenerate health. So switch your 2 or 4 characters out with the ones in the Reserve when their HP goes low, to prevent them from dying and not gaining any health. Avoiding their deaths also ensures that no character of yours will be lagging behind in terms of XP and equipment.

5. Log in daily!

The standard daily login rewards are also present here, so log in for a few minutes consecutively per day for your free Gems!

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