Solve A Great Mystery Of The Cosmos In New FPS iOS Mobile Game, Isolani

Posted on Apr 17 2014 - 4:00pm by Sean Cravener

Isolani App Store

Have you been craving an FPS shooter where you get to kick some security robot butt while exploring an alien spacecraft? Well have no fear! The new iOS game, Isolani, will help fill this craving you have been just dying to fill.

Isolani is a quite beautiful FPS where you’r overall goal is to find an answer to one of the greatest mysteries of the cosmos, what happens when the last star in the universe dies. While trying to seek out this answer you will be traversing through a alien spacecraft and fighting off security robots.

Isolani boasts that it will push your device “to it’s very limits with some of the most advanced visuals ever seen on mobile”, and this alone gave me some goosebumps in excitement. Isolani also includes “simple, yet deep controls” insisting that the controls will be instantly familiar to core gamers. If Isolani doesn’t sound awesome enough yet, it will also include global and local competition where you can go head-to-head with friends or people you don’t even know.

If Isolani sounds like your kind of game you can pick it up in the App Store now for free!

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