Star Wars Tiny Death Star Review

Posted on Nov 10 2013 - 7:41pm by Sean Cravener

With the help of Tiny Tower’s developer, Nimblebit, Lucasarts (now owned by Disney) has released another addition to the Star Wars franchise. Star Wars Tiny Death Star puts players in charge of funding and building their own Death Star. If you are a fan of Tiny Tower then Tiny Death Star will be a perfect alternative, but if your a long time fan of the Star Wars series like me and are used to more of their action-adventure style gameplay, I might suggest steering away from Tiny Death Star before you find yourself addicted to this game like I have become.

Being a Star Wars fan, anytime I hear of a new Star Wars game coming out I tend to get all giddy inside. So it was only inevitable that I would download this game the second it hit the app stores. The game plays similar to Nimblebit’s Tiny Tower. Emperor Palpatine has put you in charge of funding his new Death Star and the only way to fund it is through commerce. Throughout the game you will be adding levels, with each costing more than the last, that will either be a commerce store or an apartment level to house “bitizens” that will work in your various stores. One detail I found appealing was how each commerce store added, in one way or another, payed homage to the series, either through its name or even the products which are sold.

To keep the game interesting Lucasarts added various features which was a nice little touch to help sustain my interest. Throughout the game various “bitizens” will appear, that could range from famous characters from the series to lowly rebel soldiers. You can even view, through the menu, all the characters you have unlocked. Another nice little feature is the ability to unlock little scenes involving some of the more famous characters. Although the scenes are only like a few seconds long and aren’t very entertaining.

The best feature Tiny Death Star offers is the ability to add secret levels to your Death Star. The secret levels range from blast doors to interrogation rooms where you torture those rebel scum. The purpose of the secret rooms is mostly to gain secret items needed to complete missions that give some nice rewards.

The main reason I feel turned away from Tiny Death Star is with how much everything seems to cost after only a short amount of time. Also it feels like to be able to do anything in the game I am required to use Imperial Bux, which is Tiny Death Star’s in-game currency that is purchased with real money. I also find myself only being able to play for very short periods of time before getting the feeling that the game is boring and pointless, but for some reason I find myself coming back to it. So overall I believe this game has only some minor flaws and hiccups and might be worth a download to try out for yourself.


Star Wars Tiny Death Star War is available for free in both the Android and iTunes App Store.



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