Tap Sports Baseball Cheats And Tips

Posted on Feb 7 2015 - 5:48pm by MobileGamePlace

Tap Sports Baseball is a free to play arcade baseball hitter game for iOS and Android. Unlike most other baseball games which try to be realistic simulations of the sport or really simplified arcade games, this one tries to be in the middle ground. The actual gameplay is very simple: it doesn’t involve running manually, pitching or similar mechanics present from the sport. On the field, this game is a really simple hitter, where you have to tap on the screen exactly at the right time. This game is turn-based and is played versus others online.


The other half of the game consists of the players’ stats. The Hitting stat determines the player’s accuracy and ability to hit the ball; higher Hitting gives you a really slight timeframe bonus when hitting the ball with a tap. Power show how far are they able to hit the ball if the hit connects. Speed measures their speed when running to base. Bunt indicates their ability to bunt, unsurprisingly.

Purchasing upgrades, earning Gold

Gold can be earned by watching ad videos; do this often to get more. After getting enough gold, spend it wisely. Since you cannot control running, bunting and defenses, focus on those stats first, since you can offset weaker attacking stats by timing your taps well. Don’t buy free agents for your individual players, buy team-wide coaches instead, as they benefit the entirety of your team instead of a single player whom you may be substituting later anyways.


Yu are also given bonus games sometimes; use up these as soon as possible to level up faster.

What to buy and don’t buy from Draft Picks

Draft Picks will give you a random field player or pitcher. Late Round Draft Picks are mostly 1-2 star players with rare chance for 2.5-3 star ones. Don’t buy these, as you are awarded several of them free at the beginning while playing your first matches.

Second Round Draft Picks are 2-3 star players with low chances for 3.5+ ones. These are fairly good upgrades when you start out, so it may be a good idea to invest in these.

First Round Draft Picks are between 3-4 stars with a low chance at all-star players from real baseball. These players are quite good upgrades, and if you luck out with an all-star, then he will be a long-time part of your team.

The most expensive one is only worth it if you can save up the cash and time for it. #1 Draft Picks give you a guaranteed real-life baseball player to include in your team.

Since this is a turn-based game…

…have as many online games running as the game lets you to join. Not everyone plays in the same pace as you do, if they keep playing at all, so it is a good idea to run more games and have more to do.

Use in-match substitutions if needed

For example, if your pitcher starts to get tired, swap in a new one in this place ASAP, since most of the match’s results in defense hang on your pitcher’s shoulders. Review his stats after each inning, and swap if needed.

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