Temple Run 2 Game Review

Posted on Aug 26 2013 - 10:51pm by Sean Cravener



Today I would like to review the sequel to the very popular game, Temple Run. Temple Run 2 is already one of the most popular games on the mobile market. Imangi Studios has really done the impossible in making the already amazing game even better.


To begin with the TempleRun game sequel has greatly increased their graphics. The scenery displayed as is almost enough to distract yourselves from the giant monkey-monster hybrid thing that chases you throughout the level. Temple Run 2 also adds more obstacles and dangers to each level than what was in the first TempleRun game. One of the most fun new additions to TempleRun would be the various ropes throughout the level that you must jump and hold onto as you slide down collecting coins. Lastly one of the most challenging new additions to TempleRun would be the mine cart part of each level. The mine cart will have you traversing through an underground mine with a handful of sharp and sudden turns. If you are anything like me you will find this part of each level to be your downfall.


Temple Run 2 adds a power-up ability where the player after filling up a meter (by collecting coins) displayed on the screen can double tap anywhere and it will activate the power-up your player currently has active. This brings me to my next topic, Power-ups. The various power-ups include coin magnet, shield, boost, score bonus, gem bonus, and lastly bolt. These power-ups can be a great help in achieving that high score you need to beat all of your friends. Lastly Temple Run 2 includes another store where the player can purchase a coin doubler for $4.99, 5,000 coins for $0.99, 50,000 coins for $4.99, 150,000 coins for $9.99, and 400,000 coins for $19.99.


Overall Temple Run 2 is a great successor to its predecessor and will continue its tradition of addicting, time consuming, soul devouring game play. Temple Run 2 is also available for both Andriod and iOS devices.

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