Tin Man Games Releases New Digital Fighting Fantasy Gamebook, Starship Traveller

Posted on Apr 10 2014 - 4:36pm by Sean Cravener

Starship Traveller Release

To be honest I haven’t really heard about this game until recently, but just from looking over screenshots and the various reviews I am quite excited for it. Starship Traveller, for those not familiar with Tin Man Games’ digital fighting fantasy series, is a boardgame-ish RPG with a futuristic space setting.

Being the captain of the Traveller Starship it is your mission to find a way back to Earth after being sucked through the Seltsian Void and sent to an unknown universe, all while encountering different aliens and planets.

In Starship Traveller you’re able to fully customize your crew and starship to help in the 3 different styles of combat that you will be encountering which includes, melee, phaser, and of course starship battles. Strategy seems like it will play a huge role in battles since you are given the ability to switch your crew around before battles.

Apparently as well the game is built using Tin Man Games’  own Gamebook Adventures Engine, which means the game will feature an automated adventure sheet to help keep track of your inventory and stats, physics based dice rolling, bookmarking system, and much more.

If space RPGs are right up your alley than you can pick up Starship Traveller in the App Store and Google Play Store for $5.99.

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