Toilet Time Review

Posted on Mar 25 2014 - 6:50pm by Andrew Perrott

Any mobile gamer has probably heard the stereotype that mobile games are only good for people to play whilst on the john. Well Toilet Time is a game developed to make bowel movements an edge of your seat experience. With mini games that get progressively harder and unlockable features this game makes an attempt to make the bathroom the game room.

Probably the first thing one can notice about the game is the style of the artwork. The artwork looks like something a hardcore user of MS Paint would create in a matter of several minutes. Another thing about this game that wouldn’t take too long to notice is the overall theme of this game. The game is entirely based around bathroom activities. One game is to prevent a Frenchman’s objects from falling into a toilet and another one is to adjust an old mans shower to the ideal temperature before time runs out. Other games become a little bit more fecal focused like coughing right before a piece of crap splashes the water or peeing on pubic hair or poo clumps to “clean the toilet.” Players are given four lives and four chances to fail a mini games before the game ends. If a player progresses to a certain level are rewarded keys.

This game does have a ton of disappointment. For example there are so little mini games to play and almost all of them are focused on pooping. The keys that are unlocked are used to open up doors which have no effect on the rest of the game at all. They open a door in the toilet museum. The toilet exhibitions are special historically themed toilets complete with a description of the toilet that is riddled with horrible toilet puns. Another issue in this game is that is glitches and blacks out the entire screen on occasion which makes playing the timed mini games an instant failure. The game does not need an internet connection which is nice, but that barely makes up for the rest of the crap a player has to put up with in this game. It gets a 1 out of 5.

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