Top 5 Free Mobile Games Part 1

Posted on Nov 18 2013 - 1:06am by Sean Cravener

With all of the mobile games I have to play for this site, I decided to release a weekly article regarding my top 5 favorite mobile games of that current week. So please enjoy my first addition to my weekly Top 5 Favorite Mobile Games articles.


 Top 5 Free Mobile Games Part 1

1. Battle Nations – I recently started playing Battle Nations for a review I was doing and I have not stopped since. In my Battle Nations Review I state how the main thing I loved about Battle Nations is how, even though it is free to play, it doesn’t play like most freemium games on most app markets. The game keeps making you come back for more whether it’s for building and managing your outpost or to participate in PVP battles. The Battle Nations game also features an amazing cast of characters that will have you even more hooked.

Battle Nations Free
Battle Nations is available for free on both the Android and iTunes App Store.

2. Star Wars Tiny Death Star – Being a Star Wars fan I immediately downloaded this game when I saw it was on the app market and even though it has some flaws (just mostly with the whole Imperial Bux system) I still find myself coming back to it. This is definitely a game to pick up if you have a few minutes in your day to spare, but it’s hard to sit there ard play for more than 10 minutes, give or take.

Star Wars Tiny Death Star 2

Star Wars Tiny Death Star War is available for free in both the Android and iTunes App Store.

3. Megapolis – Usually I straw away from games like Megapolis where the whole in-game currency, that can be bought with real money, is too heavily focused on, but Megapolis does not really push you too much to purchase their currency which I really loved. The Megapolis game also features some very detailed graphics. I would definitely pick this game up if you enjoy games such as Farmville.

Megapolis Free

The Megapolis Game is available to download for free in both the  iTune App Store and Google Play Store 

4. Robo Defense – Although there is a paid version of Robo Defense, the free version available still provides hours of addicting and intense gameplay. I feel Robo Defense has definitely come class to developing a good Tower-Defense style game. With the free version being so fun I already know I am going to purchase the paid version and I definitely can’t wait to see what it has in store.

robo defense free

The free Robo Defense game is available on the Android app store

5. Chariot Wars – The whole entire reason I chose to play Chariot Wars was how, even though this is a typical racing game, you race with chariots and the game is set in Ancient Roman time. The Chariot Wars game includes so many different features, including some pretty decent graphics. Chariot Wars is definitely a game I recommend picking up.

Chariot Wars Free

Chariot Wars is available to download for free on the Android App Store for free.



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