Try Not To Kill Your Passengers In New iOS Game, Any Landing

Posted on Feb 13 2014 - 4:22pm by Sean Cravener

Any Landing Game

A game I have been looking forward to has to definitely be Strange Flavour’s new game for the iPhone and iPad, Any Landing. You will spend hours trying to land that plane safely in hopes of not crashing and killing all of your passengers!

The gameplay of Any Landing is pretty simple and just involves you guiding the plane to a safe landing. You can lean your device left to ascend and slow yourselves down before you cause any horrible deaths and you can lean your device right to descend and speed up.

Successfully landing the plane has its bonuses too gaining you a lot of different upgrades. Another feature for Any Landing includes the ability to unlock 8 different air-crafts in which you can use to fly through all of the 32 levels included in the game.

One thing I wanted to also mention was Strange Flavour’s take on in-app purchases which was they don’t really enjoy them too much, which is why they implemented a “Play Nice” System. This system basically puts a cap on how much you can spend on in-app purchases and once the cap is reached you can no longer purchase anything else.

You can pick up this delightful game for absolutely nothing in the iTunes App Store.

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