Upcoming Android & iOS Games Coming Out At Midnight – FFFFF2P, Beyond Gravity, Miniverse, Hellraid: The Escape, Sky Tourist Blitz, Beekyr

Posted on Jul 9 2014 - 10:59am by Sean Cravener

FFFFF2P – Free – iOS & Android

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FFFFF2P is the latest platform game due to hit the App Store and Play Store tomorrow. As subtly hinted by the name FFFFF2P is a free game that makes fun of the trend of horrible F2P games. You will be trying to save Princess Pixel while dodging and closing all the Ads the evil UG sends at you. Even though they are trying to poke fun at F2P games, the game itself does include IAPs to make your gaming experience easier (including one that automatically beats the game), for a price.

Beyond Gravity – $1.99 – iOS

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Beyond Gravity is a new platformer by developer, Qwiboo, and will have you jumping between planets. Beyond Gravity will provide some simple gameplay that involves you jumping from one planet to the next while they are spinning. You are also given various stuff to collect as you jump around, procedurally generated levels, and various upgrades. Beyond Gravity (already released on Android) will be released for iOS devices tomorrow for only $1.99.

Miniverse – Free – iOS

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Miniverse is a rather unique iOS puzzler, that will be released in the App Store tomorrow. Miniverse comes with simple, yet challenging gameplay that requires you to guide stranded astronauts to your space ship while dodging various obstacles. The game does not include any IAPs besides the ones to purchase new levels so this might be a good game to check out for any puzzle fans out there.

Hellraid: The Escape – $3.79 – iOS

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Hellraid: The Escape is the latest game to come out that I personally have been looking forward to. This challenging action puzzler is a spin-off of the upcoming console game Hellraid and will feature “graphics of PC and Console Quality”. Along with some amped up graphics, the game includes no F2P model, free exploration, a buttload of difficult puzzles, and a dark fantasy story. The game will also be getting some frequent updates with plans already set for future updates.

Sky Tourist Blitz – iOS

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Anyone who has had the chance to play Sky Tourist will get a familiar feel with Three Legged Egg’s latest game, Sky Tourist Blitz. You will be helping out Petey Pendant yet again as you traverse through 60 different levels. For those unfamiliar with Sky Tourist, you will be basically swinging Petey Pendant through various obstacles using your rocket ships on the left and right screen to control him. You should definitely check out the video below if you are a puzzle fan as this is definitely a game worth checking out.

Beekyr – $2.59 – iOS

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For anyone looking for a unique side-scrolling arcade shooter, Beekyr is definitely something worth a quick play. In Beekyr you will be controlling a Bee as you buzz through 23 levels and face off against various creepy crawlers. The bugs in here though are rather unique because of their ability to somehow shoot bullets and lasers, but I’m not complaining as it is pretty amusing. The game is already available on the Google Play Store for any Android gamers interested, but it will finally hit the App Store at midnight tonight.

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