Update On Rovio’s Upcoming New Angry Birds RPG Game

Posted on Mar 12 2014 - 5:55pm by Sean Cravener

Angry Birds Epic Game

Rovio apparently has had a new “epic” Angry Birds game in the works, with no information regarding what it was or was going to be about. Now according to Kotaku, the new game, called Angry Birds Epic, is going to end up being an adventure RPG with turn based combat and from what I have seen from all the news articles this has count everyone by surprise including me.

Besides the turn based combat not much else is given besides the game heavily featuring crafting “with players making armor, potions, and weapons using resources either won in the game or purchased via real currency.”

Angry Birds Epic Turn Based Battle

Angry Birds Epic will also be soft launched just in the Canadian and Australian iTunes App Stores later this week. While the global launch of the finished version wont be out until sometime later this year.

Keep checking back for more information regarding Rovio’s new RPG, Angry Birds Epic.

Source – Kotaku

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