Use Your iPad As A Sword With New Mobile Game Bonsai Slice

Posted on Apr 25 2014 - 2:42pm by Sean Cravener

Bonsai Slice Mobile Game

Finally I can train to become a bad-ass sword wielding mofo using my iPad with the new mobile game Bonsai Slice released for iPad devices. Upon playing Bonsai Slice you will realize its not your typical slicing game like fruit ninja. Instead of swiping on the screen where you want to slice you will be required to take advantage of the gyroscope in your iPad, meaning you will have to move your iPad in the direction you want to slice.

The concept of the game is rather amusing for a while and can definitely can provide a lot of entertainment, just make sure to keep a firm grip on your iPad. Bonsai Slice will also include various unlockable swords that you may use and the ability to play against friends online.

If swinging your iPad around sounds like fun to you, you can pick up Bonsai Slice now for iPad devices for $2.99.


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