War of Nations Review

Posted on Apr 15 2014 - 7:43pm by Andrew Perrott

I love the smell of napalm in the morning. This week Mobile Game Place has played and tested out War of Nations developed by GREE International Inc. and it is glorious. Much like other strategy MMOs before it this game is very easy to get sucked in with personal conquests and managing allegiances.

If Evony and Black Ops 2 managed to breed with one another and create a lovechild that lovechild would come in the form of War of Nations. In this game the player is given an area of hex shaped squares to build the means of production to fuel a virtual war machine of the not so distant future. It is so easy to get started in this game. As mentioned before this game is an MMO and PVP is an option but new players do not need to worry because they are given a force field of immunity. The forcefield that protects you from other players goes down when you send armies out for an offensive or after the initial six days after the player starts the game, but no worries for after this six days it is possible to have a military force that could put General Patton to shame.

What is very enjoyable about this game is that resources are very easy to come by. As the player goes on they must keep producing more and more resources to keep producing more means of production and attack units. The player put real world funds into the game but it is far from necessary to do so. If a player completes a tutorial they are instantly granted 500 gold; gold in this game behaves much like the gems in the games mentioned during Dragon Week or megabucks in Megapolis. This amount goes a long long way. 

With these types of games it is helpful to keep a good relationship with your neighbors or just other players in general. Alliances are very important because they can keep you from standing along against a clan of people who are very protective of their friends (whom you may or may not of prematurely attacked). The game is incredibly fun to play and easy to get addicted to. There are many different units to chose from and many different commanders that offer different perks to your armies raids so there is a lot of combinations a player can do when choosing their strategy. War of Nations dominates with a 5 out of 5.

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