Wield The Power Of The Greek Gods With New Action Rpg iOS Game, Mother of Myth

Posted on May 1 2014 - 2:59pm by Sean Cravener

Mother of Myth App Store

Being a dedicated RPG fan and Greek mythology nerd has made me quite anxious for this latest iOS release of Mother of Myth. Mother of Myth is a 3D action RPG that utilizes the swipe battle system that you may of seen in past mobile action RPGs.

The main attraction for me is of course how the setting of Mother of Myth is based around Greek and Roman mythology. I do admit that I noticed some people complaining about the story of the game so don’t go into Mother of Myth expecting some awesome killer story.

Anyways the combat in the game uses the swipe battle system where you swipe your finger in various ways in order to perform various attacks and swipe techniques. You will also notice that the game includes various cards of the gods of the Greek and Roman Mythology. These are gathered by beating various levels or bosses and they may be used to summon that particular god’s power to help you in your generic quest, so you can expect these cards to play an important role in gameplay.

And of course with any RPG the game includes the ability to customize your character with different stats and skills. Also the game includes a crafting system to help customize your gear. Lastly the game even includes online PvP fights where you can compete either globally or with your Facebook friends (if you have any…).

The game does require a internet connection to play, but the IAPs in the game aren’t very overwhelming. So if this sounds like its right up your alley you can pick up Mother of Myth for free in the App Store now!

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