Wind-Up Knight 2 Review

Posted on Apr 22 2014 - 8:22pm by Andrew Perrott

Prepare yourself for some high intensity adorable platform action with Wind-up Knight 2. This platformer  takes place in a 3D world plagued with mythical creatures and attacking medieval siege machines that the toy protagonist must dodge. It feels like Super Mario twisted with Temple Run and it is awesome.

The character runs along a straight line and must avoid obstacles along the way. Much like an endless runner this game keeps the character in a full out sprint mode through the levels. The player’s full sprint is constantly blocked with hippogriffs, spiky vines, catapults, flaming barrels and of course the endless pit of doom. One challenge of this game is to collect enough coins from level to level; collect enough coins and they can be traded in to buy new equipment for the night.

This game has many things that keep it from being like the normal endless runner. One thing that separates it from an endless runner is that the levels actually do end. This is also different from endless runners because the player must use the wind up knights trusty shield and sword to block flaming barrels and the tiny sword to slay mythical beasts blocking the path. The controls are very easy to use and are placed on the screen in very convenient to use places on the mobile device, which is good because reflexes in this game are extremely important.

This game is incredibly fun to play and is beautiful. One issue this game does have however is at times it tends to lag or glitch. Like many mobile games a connection is required so the wind up antics can be stopped in their tracks by having a bad connection. There is also loading screens galore throughout the whole game but even that is alright because the screens have humorous images of some sort of regal middle aged twitter feed with added tips and hints. This game gets a 4 out of 5.


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