Wipe Out Waves Of Aliens With Intense New iOS Arcade Shooter, Final Flight Of The Perseus

Posted on Jun 2 2014 - 4:32pm by Sean Cravener

Final Flight of the Perseus Release

I have always had a soft spot for any arcade shooter, but sadly the app stores seem to lack any fun or interesting ones until the release of Final Flight of the Perseus. Final Flight of the Perseus is an iOS arcade shooter that will have you rubbing your finger intensely all over your screen while giving you an awesome and intense experience.

Final Flight of the Perseus lets you control the fabled starship, Perseus, while fending off waves of aliens who have come to wipe out the human race. Since its an arcade shooter the controls are extremely simply, where you only have to control your auto-firing ship by sliding your finger around.

The main thing I love about Final Flight of the Perseus is how you have the ability to upgrade your starship in-between waves. You will be given the choice to upgrade three various aspects of your starship which include gun speed, gun power, and shields.

As you progress through Final Flight of the Perseus the game definitely intensifies with shield prices costing more and various new enemies thrown at you, including 4 boss fights. Final Flight of the Perseus will also include those sweet, sweet procedurally generated levels giving the game replayability. Lastly this arcade shooter comes complete with Game Center leaderboards.

If blasting aliens in space sounds like your cup of tea than you can head over to the App Store now and pick up Final Flight of the Perseus for free!

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