You Must Escape Review

Posted on Mar 15 2014 - 11:38am by Andrew Perrott

You Must Escape

You Must Escape is a game where the object is to do just as the title says and escape. This puzzle game sends you from one oddly themed room to the next where players have to scour the entirety of the room to try and find the key that will lead them into the next oddly themed room. There were many games made like this on the internet that one could play if they had the proper updated version of Flash, but why do that when it could be downloaded and played on mobile devices.

This game does seem to lack some control. Normally most of the games in this genre allow the player to look around the room, this game however does not. You Must Escape only provides one static view of the room which only changes when certain items or areas are selected. So it does give a player everything they need to get ahead in the game but it seems to deprive it of a certain depth that one would come to expect when playing You Must Escape’s online Flash counterparts. What is enjoyable about this game is that the levels do get progressively harder as the game goes further. There is even secret underground chambers that create two rooms for the current level that must be escaped. While it does tend to mix it up here and there the levels seem to follow the same formula over and over again so it does get repetitive.

Despite the repetition, You Must Escape gets very difficult and rather frustrating. Frustrating to the point that a player can hammer the entire screen to try and find what they could possibly do to advance so they can just escape. However, if a player is in too deep of distress they could go online and get directions that are available. While looking for help online may ruin the spirit of the game it does allow a player to just get ahead into the next oddly themed room.

Overall this game is fun to play. It felt as though the developers could have done more to make the challenges more challenging or less repetitive. It is definitely a game for a weekend when one can’t decide on which new mobile game to download and whats to mix it up with a new puzzle game. Mobile Game Place gives this game a 3 out of 5.

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