Zombie Gunship Review

Posted on Apr 9 2014 - 11:54pm by Andrew Perrott


The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare franchise has done many things and introduced gamers
across the world to a first person view of a C­130 gunship on action. Zombie Gunship, developed
by Limbic, takes the Death from Above from CoD:MW and puts an undead twist to it by putting
hordes of infected humans under the slowly rotating Specter gunship instead of peeved
Ultranationalist Russians. The objective is to keep zombies out of the bunker.

Much like Call of Duty this game is entirely viewed through a black and white infrared screen.
There are also three separate weapons available: a minigun, a 40mm cannon and an ultra
powerful howitzer cannon. When starting the game the player only has access to the minigun
and must unlock coins to unlock the other two weapons onboard and upgrade them. Players can
also upgrade how many coins per kill they get or stockpile bombs to blow the tunnel when the
horde reaches the human safe haven.

Now dishing up re­death from above may sound simple enough especially when up against a
slow shuffling herd of walkers but things do get progressively interesting. The turret operator has
to distinguish between zombies and survivors; killing can civilians is generally frowned upon and
can cost the game. In other words don’t use the howitzer in a mixed crowd. Also as the game
goes different variations of biters appear like the much treasured “tank” from Left 4 Dead.

I cannot stress it enough this game is beautiful. The gameplay is incredible and the graphics are
stunning. The game doesn’t need a signal to play which is great because the zombie apocalypse
isn’t known for full 4G coverage. Zombie Gunship offers a realistic military experience to the
zombie onslaught unlike the World War Z motion picture. This gunship from hell gets a 5 out of

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