Zombie Killer Squad Review

Posted on Nov 23 2013 - 11:33pm by Sean Cravener

Welcome to Zombie Killer Squad, one of the most popular free downloadable game apps on the market. This is not just another running and shooting zombies game. Zombie Killer Squad was jointly created by famous YouTube gamers Syndicate and Seananners, whose gaming fame helped to create the huge fan base surrounding this game. While the objective may be simple, run and kill zombies, there is more to this game than meets the eye.
Quick How To:
This is a lane based running game, and the controls are the same as similar type games. Swipe across the screen sideways to change lanes, up for jumping, and down to slide and avoid oncoming obstacles. It’s pretty basic, but players also get a shotgun. Which makes this game interesting. Avoiding obstacles and killing zombies makes this a challenging game. Add in multiple zombies on a screen at one time and a fast moving pace, and players are in for an entertaining time. To fire the shotgun, simply tap the screen.

Zombie Killer Squad Review
A players ammo is limited, so picking up the coins that are lying around is important. There is a tab for the game’s store where players can use their coins to purchase additional ammo. The store also sells tokens and medpacks to heal wounded players. Some zombies can be avoided, but it is recommended to try and kill some of the zombies that are encountered. Dead, really dead, zombies will occasionally drop power ups, coins, and medpacks in addition to those purchased from the store.

Setting the Game Apart:
Other than killing zombies, this cool game allows players to use a “mount up” token. The mounts can be chosen at a player’s discretion by tapping the tab to the right of the screen. A mount will allow a player to be hit once without penalty, and players will begin with a donkey. Yes, some humor was added to the game. Two additional mounts are available for 100,000 coins apiece, a motorcycle and a large cat. There are power ups which can help attract coins to a player, these are either ravens or bulls. These will activate immediately, so players should pay attention.

The Downside:
Players can choose from different players, though their abilities are similar. The only marked difference are the one liners that the characters feel the need to say to the zombies. While entertaining in the beginning, the one liners do get repetitive and annoying after a while, the same is true for the backdrops. If the game was not so fast paced, it would quickly get repetitive and boring.

Zombie Killer Squad Mount
The game is free to play and download, which is a good thing and a bad thing. If is a great example of the adage, “you get what you pay for”, but there are signs that a store that players can use “real” money in is in the process of being built. For the time being the upgrades from power ups is ridiculously slow, and players will have to spend close to day of continual playing to amass the 100,000 coins needed to unlock virtually anything. All this said, it is a very entertaining game.

For a lane runner game, Zombie Killer Squad is pretty much standard, except players get to shot zombies. It is fast paced, and remarkably entertaining for all of it’s annoying drawbacks. It is free and entertaining, and well worth checking out. This is an especially great game right now for players who love leader boards and high scores. Starting out with a large number of mount tokens, and several medpacks is a great way to continually stay at the top of the leader board, especially before the hackers and large spenders start playing when the game store opens. Even with the game’s annoying problems, it is worth an afternoon to check out this game.


Zombie Killer Squad is available to download for free in the iTunes App Store and make sure to check out our Zombie Killer Squad Cheats & Tips page !

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